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Lawyers take an oath, which means they have the power to address the court and they are bound by professional deontology, of which professional confidentiality forms an essential part, as a result of which they are pre-eminent confidential advisers. As such, lawyers fulfil a distinguishing position in the world of legal services, particularly in the field of providing solutions for, at times, complex (conflict) situations. 

The office of Mr Raf HOEBEEK, located in Merchtem, and the office of Mr Sander VAN HULLE, located in Strombeek-Bever, are part of the lawyer group HOEBEEK VAN HULLE ADVOCATEN. 

To HOEBEEK VAN HULLE ADVOCATEN, it is a matter of honour to be the living proof of that, by always acting with integrity when looking after your realistic needs and challenges.

No case is too big or too small. HOEBEEK VAN HULLE Advocaten will always use its legal expertise proactively with the commitment, discretion, accuracy and focus on results one can expect from a high-quality service.

When appointed, HOEBEEK VAN HULLE Advocaten may refer you to or collaborate with specialist niche lawyers and/or other professional service providers (accountants, revisors, detectives, tax consultants, specialist lawyers, civil-law notaries, bailiffs, technical experts, etc.) in HOEBEEK VAN HULLE Advocaten's international network.


Raf Hoebeek

Curriculum vitae

‣ Licentiate in law KU Leuven 2001

‣ Lawyer with the Brussels bar association since 2001

‣ Post-university degree programme insolvency practitioner/liquidator 2018


Sander Van Hulle

Curriculum vitae

‣ Master of Law Ghent University 2015

‣ Holds the 'special training for cassation proceedings in criminal cases' degree certificate 2017

‣ Lawyer with the Bruges bar association between 2015 and 2018

‣ Lawyer with the Brussels bar association between 2015 since October 2018


HOEBEEK VAN HULLE Advocaten mainly operates in the legal domains listed below, from consultancy, compliance and contract management to (alternative) dispute settlement.

Business law & law of associations

Market practices and competition

Trade agents

Company law and law of associations

The reorganisation of businesses (facing hardship)

The recovery of unpaid invoices

Trade agreements

Shareholders' agreements/conflicts

General terms and conditions

Damage & liability

Contractual and non-contractual damage (physical injury, material damage, moral prejudice)

Unlawful acts

Insurance claims and disputes

Liability claims and disputes

Agreements & general terms and conditions

Negotiating, drawing up, changing analysing, maintaining and/or terminating all kinds of agreements: leasing/renting, buying/selling, mandates, contracting, loans, security, estate agents, freelancers, licences, management, consultancy, trade agents, partnership agreements, shareholders' agreements, etc.

Drawing up and maintaining general terms and conditions

Criminal law & Traffic Sanction Law

Claiming damages in proceedings

Assistance during interviews (Salduz)

Pre-trial division/KI

Police court

Correctional court

Court of appeal

Sentence enforcement court

Court of cassation

Disciplinary proceedings

Property law & Neighbourliness





(Joint) ownership

Easements, ground lease, premises

Joint walls


Property management agreement

Law of persons, Family Law & Family Property Law

Matrimonial property law


Effective divorce

Spousal support

Juvenile law


Inheritance law

Name changes

Provisional administration